A Majority Of Egyptians Want To Institute Islamic Law And Cancel The Peace Treaty With Israel


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Bad news about that democratic uprising in Egypt.54 per cent of Egyptians want to cancel the peace treaty with Israel, according to Pew. That would be the 1978 Camp David Accords, which resulted in the Nobel Peace Prize and represented America’s most successful framework for peace in the Middle East.

Another 60 per cent of Egyptians want to return to Sharia law, which may include restrictions on women’s rights and hand-for-a-hand style of justice.

Fully 75 per cent of Egyptians have a favourable view of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For their next president, 41 per cent support the Arab League Secretary-General and former Foreign Minister Amre Moussa. 32 per cent back lawyer Ayman Nour; 25 per cent support Mohamed ElBaradei; and 17 per cent say the Muslim Brotherhood should lead the next government.

This isn’t a total disaster for America, like the Iranian Revolution was. But it’s clearly not something that Washington planned or wanted.

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