Egypt Faces Ban On Online Pornography

Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

Photo: AP

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud has written to the ministries of telecommunications, information and the interior demanding they act to ban online pornography, Ahram Online reports.The letter demanded that a law enacted in 2009 that banned online pornography be enforced.

The Prosecutor-General appears to have been responding to the calls of Salafist Muslims, who had protested outside the high court today calling for the ban to be enforced. Reuters notes that many other nearby states, such as Iran and some Gulf States, already ban online pornography.

However, the move is likely to prove especially controversial in Egypt, where the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood holds much governmental power since elections earlier this year. Ahram reports that local reaction to the move is mixed, with one MP describing it (positively) as  “a first step towards applying Islamic Law in Egypt.”

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