Egyptian President Morsi Is Starting To Sound Disturbingly Like Ousted Dictator Mubarak

Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt, has given a long speech that sought to calm tensions in the country, where a spat over the power of government over the judiciary and a new constitution has led to violence on the streets — violence that is eerily reminiscent of the protests that took down dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Morsi, a candidate backed by the Muslim Brotherhood who came to power in an election earlier this year, talked a lot about the violence and how it was being caused by foreign elements within the crowd. He did not say a referendum on the controversial constitution would be delayed, but did say he would be meeting with opposition members.

However, most observers we’re seeing are coming up with one takeaway from the speech: Morsi sure sounds a lot like Mubarak.

Check this search on Twitter for example:

Morsi Mubarak

The Times’ Robert Mackey has picked up on one difference at least: