ANOTHER ONE: Egyptian Banker Arrested For Alleged Sex Assault On Maid In Swank NYC Hotel


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The former chairman of a major Egyptian bank was arrested Monday in New York after being charged with sexually abusing a maid at the Upper East Side hotel, The Pierre.According to ABC News, Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar, 74, was charged with attacking the 44-year old maid Sunday night when she delivered tissues to his room.

The woman, whose name is being withheld, claims she entered Oma’rs room and once inside he grabbed her breasts and kissed her. The woman claims she was only able top flee when she offered Omar her phone number on a slip of paper.

She gave him a false number and ran from the room.

According to a police spokesman, the detectives found the accusation credible and Omar’s arraignment will be held this morning in Manhattan.

Omar is now head of El-Mex Salines Co. in Egypt and was chairman of the Bank of Alexandria.

The Pierre is a 5-star hotel at 5th and 61st St. across from Central Park.