Huge Crowds Amass Around Egypt — Media Reports Morsi And Army Will Issue Statement — Army Denies

egyptProtesters opposing Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi take part in a protest demanding that Mursi resign at Tahrir Square in Cairo July 2, 2013.

On Monday the Egyptian military gave Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi an ultimatum: Either agree on power-sharing with other political forces within 48 hours or the military will set out its own roadmap for the country’s future.

On Tuesday Reuters reported that the military would suspend the Islamist-shaped constitution and dissolve the country’s Islamist-dominated parliament under a draft of the political roadmap.

Egyptian state TV then reported that Egyptian Armed Forces and Presidential office would release a joint statement within the coming hours, but the military immediately denied the report.

Meanwhile, the military’s threat has galvanised Morsi supporters.

A military source told Reuters that as many as 14 million of the country’s 84 million took part in Sunday’s demonstrations, and on Tuesday 

Middle East analyst Shami Witness put it perfectly:

At least seven people have been killed in pro & anti-government clashes on Tuesday, according to Egypt’s health ministry says.

We’ll be updating this post as more information becomes available.

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