FRONT PAGE HISTORY: See How Newspapers Around The World Celebrated Egypt's Freedom


Photo: NY Daily News — newseum

History unfolded yesterday when after 18 days of protests in Egypt, Mubarak finally stepped down as president after 30 years in power.The front pages of newspapers in moments like this become part of history itself, so we went through the world’s newspapers today to see the ways they documented this incredible moment.

Of course, some of our favourite covers still came from our colourful local newspapers, like the Daily News‘ headline “Hosni Mu Bye-Bye!” and the New York Post’s “That’s A Wrap!” (featuring Mubarak’s head on top of an Egyptian mummy.)

The Telegraph, published in Calcutta, India

Stars and Stripes, MidEast Edition, published in Kabul, Afghanistan

China Daily, published in Beijing, China

New York Post, published in New York, NY USA

The Express Tribune, published in Karachi, Pakistan

Al-Ahram, published in Cairo, Egypt

The Times, published in London, UK

Jamaica Observer, published in Kingston, Jamaica

The New York Times, published in New York, NY USA

Daily News, published in New York, NY USA

Kuwait Times, published in Kuwait

The Daily Star, published in Beirut, Lebanon

P├║blico - Lisbon Edition, published in Lisbon, Portugal

Arab News, published in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Washington Post, published in Washington, DC USA

Khaleej Times, published in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Los Angeles Times, published in Los Angeles, CA USA

Now meet some of the reporters who were most involved in covering the crisis...

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