The Egyptian Elections Are Falling Apart, And People Are Calling It A Coup

egypt election posters

Photo: AP Images

Egypt’s presidential election has become a bewildering mess to outside observers, with violence on the streets and elections cancelled by one body and then reinstated by another.Now, just days before the second round of the Presidential election at the weekend, it appears that the entire system is falling apart.

Today the Supreme Court (surrounded by troops, of course) ruled that Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq — an ex-prime minister under the ousted President Mubarak — could stay in the race. And now Egyptian state TV is saying that a third of votes in this year’s parliamentary elections have been ruled void — effectively meaning the Islamist-dominated parliament is neutered, if not entirely voided.

What’s going on?

The buzzword on Twitter is “coup”.

From Shadi Hamid, Director of Research at the Brookings Doha centre:

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia:

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