HISTORY LESSON: How A Hungover Wall Streeter Invented Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict for brunch

Here’s something we just learned… 

In the Smithsonian Magazine’s fascinating piece on the origin of popular hangover foods, the author writes that that Eggs Benedict was apparently invented by a hungover Wall Street stockbroker.

From the Smithsonian Mag:  

In 1942, The New Yorker published an article claiming the dish had its roots in a man named Lemuel Benedict, a Wall Street worker known for his eccentric-for-the-time lifestyle choices (like marrying a woman who worked as an opera singer) and heavy partying habits. After one especially raucous night of partying, Lemuel awoke in the morning and went to breakfast at the Waldorf Hotel, where he invented his own breakfast sandwich of two poached eggs, bacon, buttered toast, and a pitcher of hollandaise sauce. Lemuel’s inventive sandwich caught the eye of the Waldorf’s famous maître d’hôtel Oscar, who sampled the sandwich, made some personal alterations (ham was swapped for bacon, an English muffin for the toast), put the sandwich on the menu, and sailed peacefully into history, much to the delight of hungover brunch attendees everywhere.

Thank you, sir. 

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