Effectively Connecting Brands With Mobile Consumers

Although the buzz in the media is about apps, no one ever points out that the most widely used type of apps are games.

As you can see from the chart below, users tend to use apps more often for games than any other category.

Unfortunately, game apps are very challenging to have success with when displaying ads on them.

Specifically, if banners are on the game app while playing, users tend the click the ads by accident, which is not good for the user experience or the advertiser.    

Apps chart

Photo: eMarketer

At MobileFuse, we quickly realised the difference in mobile ad quality and developed a proprietary platform to analyse which mobile sites and apps had “better” traffic for advertisers.  Because of our platform, in general, we tend to recommend “premium” mobile sites and apps. Essentially, the most successful mobile ads are aligned with quality content (“premium” sites/apps) where the consumer is engaged with the content and not “poking” their phone.  So, when a consumer does click on the mobile banner ad, it’s intentional and the post click engagement has a much higher likelihood of success.


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