Woman With Multiple Sclerosis Gets Another Chance To Sue Federal Employment Agency For Discrimination

DiscriminationNot Mary Bullock

Photo: flickr CarbonNYC

A woman with multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus is getting a second chance to sue the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for employment discrimination.A federal judge in San Diego initially vetoed Mary Bullock’s lawsuit against the EEOC —the federal agency is charge of enforcing employment discrimination laws — ruling she filed her lawsuit too quickly after filing an administrative appeal with the agency itself, The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reported Monday.

But the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that Bullock didn’t need to wait to file suit.

Bullock worked as an administrative law judge for the EEOC from 1999 and 2007.

In her lawsuit, Bullock claims the EEOC would not promote her, refused to let her work from home, and enforced tighter deadlines than non-disabled colleagues had because she had MS.

Neither the EEOC nor Bullock responded to Law Blog’s requests for comment.

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