EE is launching its TV service with Kevin Bacon and stars from Gogglebox

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EE is launching its biggest TV ad campaign since it first stepped onto the mobile phone scene. The company revealed a new advert on Wednesday that will air during the Brit Awards 2015. It features actor Kevin Bacon, the face of the brand, and two of Channel 4’s Gogglebox stars, Christopher Seed and Stephen Webb.

The ad is for the company to unveil its TV service, which operates through a digital box and works much the same as any other. Customers can access live channels on Freeview, record shows, and stream different shows on multiple devices. There’s also a fairly clever gimmick called “Flick,” which enables people to swipe what they are watching on an iPad, for example, onto their TV by aiming the motion in the latter device’s direction. It’s demonstrated in the ad.

EE entering the TV world is unsurprising. Pretty much all telecoms brands are moving to offer “quad-play” packages, with bundled packages for customers. BT, TalkTalk, and Sky have similar offers.

EE’s Brit Awards ad, a 40-second slot, will see Bacon arrive with an EE box by helicopter and snuggle down in front of the TV with the Gogglebox stars — two of the most popular people from the reality TV series which shows what people talk about when they watch TV. The ad was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi in London.

Here is the ad:

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