Russian Facebook Knockoff Wants To Hire Edward Snowden

Snowden Russia

Edward Snowden is super happy and likely soon to be super employed, according to Julia Ioffe of The New Republic.

Ioffe’s talked to “Snowden’s lawyer,” Anatoly Kucherena (a council of the Federal Security Service, the KGB’s successor), and Kucherena says Snowden’s location will remain secret due to safety concerns.

From The New Republic:

“I have to say he’s getting a lot of job offers coming in,” Kucherena said. “Offers from journalists to work together, and the like. I’ve passed them on to him, he’ll make the decision himself.” 

One place that had made an offer, Kucherena added, was VKontakte, Russia’s Facebook rip-off, which also gives users access to a massive trove of pirated music, TV shows, and movies.

VKontakte literally looks like a Facebook clone — same set up, same interface, same idea. Translated to English it means “InTouch” or “InContact.” The site has a few hundred million users in Europe and is, obviously, popular among Russian speakers.

Its a little ironic Snowden would leave a massive government spy agency only to end up in the hands of the FSB (spies), offered a job in what many regard as the private side of spying, that is social networking.

Kucherena told Ioffe that Snowden’s also getting lots of calls from Russian girls who want to see him — which reminds us of the shocking silence of Snowden’s dancer girlfriend.

Snowden left the airport today to head to an undisclosed location. He has been granted one year temporary asylum in Russia, though analysts seem to think he’ll be there for much longer.

Snowden supposedly said himself that he was looking forward to “learning Russian” and “learning Russian culture,” that according to his FSB lawyer.

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