MYSTERY SOLVED: Goldman's AWOL Trader Found -- At Morgan Stanley

This summer, Goldman’s star bond trader, Edward Glenn Hadden, was the subject of one of the Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” columns for a funny reason: No one knew where he was.

From the WSJ:

Mr. Hadden, who headed up Goldman’s U.S. government-bond trading and likely was due a big bonus last year, couldn’t be located. His wife and his mother wouldn’t comment. A spokesman for Goldman wouldn’t elaborate, beyond confirming Mr. Hadden is on paid leave…

While his Goldman email address no longer works, colleagues answering his phone at the firm in recent months have said he would return, without saying when or why he stopped trading there.

Well, mystery solved! 

CNBC’s John Carney just reported that Hadden is Morgan Stanley’s new head of global rates trading.

Only question is, what happened? Specifically, why the paid leave for so long? And why Morgan Stanley?

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