For The First Time In The Galleon Insider Trading Trial Jurors Were Told That Raj Had A Good Side Too

geoffrey canada
Geoffrey Canada.

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Geoffrey Canada only sat in the witness box for 10 minutes yesterday, Dealbook reported, yet he “offered some of the most distinctive testimony” in the insider trading trial of Raj Rajaratnam.Canada is the president and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, of which Raj was on the board.

He’s a famous social activist and educator, whose celebrity was enhanced last year by the film, Waiting for Superman.

He first met Raj in 2000, when he was looking for donations for his program, Bloomberg reported.

Canada “offered jurors their first glimpse of a generous and big-hearted Mr. Rajaratnam,” Dealbook said.

“Raj and I hit it off right away,” Canada testified. He described Raj as generous, with “a genuine concern for children.”  There was no mention of figures in Raj’s donations to the cause. Canada simply said the support had been “extraordinary” and “spontaneous.”

Canada testified that he agreed to guarantee Raj’s $100 million bond when he was arrested back in 2009, and considered the Galleon chief to be a “dear friend.”

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