Education Minister: Student Protesters' Assault On Julie Bishop Was Incomprehensible

Youtube/ Brigitte Garozzo

Foreign minister Julie Bishop’s visit to the University of Sydney yesterday turned sour when student protesters, rallying against the cuts to university funding in the budget, became aggressive.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne says the students should be called to take responsibility for “assaulting” the minister, saying their behaviour was “incomprehensible”.

“They assaulted the Foreign Minister, they jostled her, they abused her, they touched her person, they behaved in a most unacceptable fashion,” Pyne said.

Bishop was at the university to announce a further 1000 students would be able to study overseas under new government funding.

Pyne put it to the Opposition to join the government in condemning the students’ actions.

“I’m calling on Bill Shorten today to come out today and make it very clear that he does not endorse in any way the students’ behaviour and that he condemns it in exactly the same terms that I have condemned it on behalf of the Government.”

Here is a video Brigitte Garozzo posted on youtube of the protest. Bishop is confronted by the group around the 45 second mark.

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