Eduardo Saverin Brings Silicon Valley Investing to Asia

I first met Reza Behnam when he was the Managing Director of Yahoo South East Asia. Having worked with him closely on several projects there, we became friends and I have since tracked his progress as a VC, strategic consultant to governments and MNCs, and now as his online advertising marketplace, ADZ  , launched at the Ad Trading Summit and Ad:Tech Singapore last week. I managed to catch up with Reza to talk about his vision for ADZ and the technology scene in Asia in general. As well as getting backing from the Singapore Government, Reza has also secured a star investor in the form of Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-Founder.
While Eduardo Saverin has been living in Singapore for the past 2 years, he remains low-key  about his investments. He is also friend and mentor to Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe in her cosmetics line start-up.

While chatting with Reza after the interview, he mentioned something really interesting. He said that Eduardo has a Silicon Valley style of investing, which focuses on the size of the market opportunity and the team that will execute against that. Asian investors, on the other hand, tend to be more Conservative and risk-averse, and will focus more on detailed analyses of discounted-cashflow models and the like.

While all businesses ultimately have to deliver cashflows, the biggest opportunities on the internet are usually the completely untapped markets, for which a DCF may simply not be possible pre-execution. Some Valley-style big picture focus can only help the fledgling internet investing community to grow in Singapore.

Reza, good to be talking to you. What with both the development of ADZ and your consulting work for the Singapore Government, you have been a busy man!  First off, we hear that you have got a very interesting investor to both back you and sit on your board.

Yes, Eduardo (Saverin) has been very supportive of our vision, efforts, and team.  He also has a lot of great ideas about the interaction of social media and advertising.  He’s really passionate about helping entrepreneurs and we’re fortunate to have him on our board.
You have been doing a lot of work with the Media Development Authority (MDA) in Singapore, did they introduce you to Eduardo? What other support have they been providing you?

My previous experience as a business operator, investor, consultant, and now, entrepreneur, has allowed me to offer my expertise to some of my colleagues in the industry as an advisor.  So even though I’m really busy with ADZ, occasionally I partner with public and private sector companies, as a strategic advisor, to capitalise on business opportunities or to tackle challenges.  Occasionally, we provide white papers and industry point-of-views as well, which can be accessed through

I met Eduardo at an informal gathering of entrepreneurs in the digital space.  We just started chatting about the various things we were working on and the general trends in the industry.  It was only mid-conversation that I realised who Eduardo was.  We realised that we have a few common friends and colleagues in the advertising space and that’s how it all started.

The MDA has provided us with some really valuable support.  They have been housing our ADZ team in their “incubation” space and provided us with some financial support, in terms of a reimbursable loan, which encourages us to hire more engineering and product talent locally.         
Do you see Eduardo and his social network experience as being strategic to the development of ADZ?

Absolutely!  He has a lot of great ideas about the interplay between advertising and social media. Besides being very knowledgeable and having great business savvy, he has exposure to many great opportunities and gaps in the ecosystem.  His status as the cofounder of the largest social network and one of the most successful companies in the space doesn’t hurt either.  The fact that he spends a lot of time in Singapore and is passionate about helping entrepreneurial teams achieve their vision, is also something that is very valuable to a start-up like ours.


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