Anti-Islam Protesters March On Streets Of London After Grisly Murder

Following a brutal murder this morning that is believed to have been an act of terror, a large number of anti-Islam protesters are marching in South East London.

The protesters are affiliated with the English defence League (EDL), a political movement that opposes Islamic immigration to the United kingdom.

The protesters have traveled to Woolwich, the scene of attack. Reporters tweeting from the scene describe a crowd of 100 or so, chanting and throwing projectiles at police officers. Many of the crowd are wearing masks:

Members of the EDL had taken to the group’s Twitter and Facebook accounts today, calling on people from all around the country to travel to Woolwich and (in their words) “tell the religion of peace we don’t want them here.”

The EDL’s protests are often associated with violence and in the past a large number of arrests have been made.

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