Editor-in-Chief At Understaffed Magazine Possibly Recruiting Random People Who Tweet At Him

Although it is less than a day old, we are very much enjoying the Chad Millman editor-in-chief era at ESPN The Magazine.

The former senior editor and gambling columnist took over from Gary Belsky in advance of the publication moving from New York to Bristol, CT. (The New York Post reports almost half the staff plans to depart.)

As the news of his hire spread, Millman begun receiving numerous Twitter messages, some requesting copy editing work, others who wanted to be on the cover, and still others offering to do layout.

The tweeters seemed to be joking – phrasing their missives in the form of “Bet you won’t…”

But Millman, brilliantly, responded to many of them. An example: “Email me. RT @J_Badger: @chadmillman If you’re taking bets, bet you wont interview fresh out of college English major looking to copy edit.”

Need a copy editor?

Or a cover subject?

What about a designer?

Even law students applied.

Need a NASCAR guy?

Great effort!

As long as the Mag does not end up in the trash bin.

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