Apple is already 'working' to bring back an important feature it only just killed off

Apple executive Eddy CueJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesApple exec Eddy Cue says the removal of Home Sharing on iOS might not be permanent.

Apple’s most recent update to its iPhone music app upset a lot of users last week because it killed off an incredibly useful feature: Home Sharing.

It’s a way to share your library around your WiFi network: You could play your MacBook’s music from your iPad, your iPhone’s from your Mac Pro, and so on. But with iOS 8.4, the feature was stripped out of iPhones and iPads without warning.

We still don’t know for sure why this happened — we’ve reached out to Apple and will update when it responds — but there has been speculation it is to do with rights issues surrounding Apple Music. The update also included the first version of Apple’s new music streaming service, so it’s possible that the Cupertino company was unable to secure the necessary rights from the labels to offer streaming across multiple devices.

A fix may be imminent, however. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services, tweeted last night that the company is “working to have Home Sharing in iOS 9.” We first saw the tweet over on 9to5Mac.

This lends further weight to the theory that it is a rights issue: It’s unlikely Apple would so quickly and so publicly go back on itself if it had taken the deliberate decision to remove Home Sharing from iOS. The removal had caused a strong negative reaction from Twitter users, who were dismayed to see the useful tool suddenly disappear.

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