Apple is ‘trying to fix’ roaming charges

Apple executive Eddy Cue has spoken about the company’s desire to end expensive roaming charges in an interview with London newspaper The Evening Standard.

“It’s sad, it’s another problem,” Cue said about roaming charges. “We’re trying to fix it and we’re making a little bit of progress but you’ve got to convince a lot of people.”

Cue’s remarks certainly sound as if Apple is working to reduce the charges customers can incur when using their phones overseas.

Business Insider reported in August that Apple is working on developing its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company is privately trialling a service in the US which would see customers pay Apple directly for data, rather than going through a carrier. A similar scheme is thought to be under development in Europe. Apple subsequently released a statement denying that it is working on an MVNO.

Elsewhere in the interview Cue talked about the selection of iPhone apps that can’t be deleted, such as Stocks and Videos. Apple CEO Tim Cook told BuzzFeed in September that the company is “looking at” ways to delete those apps. Cue, however, was more firm on the issue, and told The Evening Standard that “a lot of our apps you can’t just delete because they’re embedded into the operating system.”

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