Here's why we named Eddie Redmayne the most stylish guy in the world right now

Eddieredmayne1Jason Merritt/GettyEddie Redmayne is so great at wearing suits, he can even pull off a cream double breasted number.

By all accounts, Eddie Redmayne is killing it.

But we’re not talking about his numerous acting awards, including the Best Actor Oscar he won in 2015.

No, we’re talking about his style game. It’s so off-the-charts incredible, we named him the most stylish guy in the world right now.

Basically, it all comes down to this: there isn’t anyone else around that can wear suits as well as he does. And it’s not like he has just one suit that fits him really well and he wears it all the time.

No, the man has a closet full of suits of every colour, shape, style, and texture. He’s worn velvet suits, tuxedos in every colour, and he’s rocked them all. Miraculously, they all fit him like they were born to hug his slender 5’11” frame.

Redmayne has spoken to his love of tailoring and suits, telling Men’s Health that he’s “always worn suits”, so he “always felt at ease in them”.

“Maybe wearing them makes me feel subconsciously like I have a proper job,” Redmayne said. “A well-cut suit feels like armour. If it’s tailored to fit, you feel strong.”

As for his look, Redmayne describes it as “simple and classic.” He prefers to add substance with texture and colour.

Eddie RedmayneGetty/Matt Winkelmeyer and Getty/Ethan MillerSome of Eddie Redmayne’s best looks.

What can you learn from Redmayne’s killer style? There’s one main takeaway: tailoring matters. He looks like a million bucks in every suit he wears because each one is tailored to fit him perfectly.

So, yes, it is possible to copy Redmayne’s style. And every guy should strive to look as good as he does in a suit.

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