We Bet You've Completely Forgotten These Once-Huge Celebrity Scandals

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You don’t have to look far in Hollywood to find a scandal — everywhere you turn, there’s a Lohan or a Kardashian making news.While some stars seem to ping pong between jail time and pratfalls, others turn their acts around completely, pushing their transgressions into our forgetteries.

NOW: Martha Stewart runs myriad successful businesses and just released a new book.

THEN: In 2003, following an insider trading scandal, Stewart was indicted on nine counts, including securities fraud and obstruction of justice. She served five months in jail.

THEN: In 1997, Murphy was caught with a transvestite prostitute in his car. Though he said he was just giving him a ride and money, the incident became a publicity debacle.

NOW: Kate Moss remains one of the world's most sought-after models and got married this summer.

THEN: In September 2005, photos of Moss doing cocaine surfaced. Stella McCartney, Burberry and Chanel all dropped her.

THEN: Last time they broke up, it was a bit messier. In 2005, when he was engaged to Miller, Law was caught with his children's nanny. Hard to believe they came back from that.

NOW: And speaking of Letterman...

THEN: In 2009, David Letterman announced on his show that he was being blackmailed over affairs he had with several female staff members. While it was a PR disaster, it was relatively short-lived. He apologized to his wife and everyone else on T.V.

NOW: Nicole Richie has her own fashion lines and is a mum and philanthropist.

THEN: Nicole Richie had quite a few off years. In 2003 and 2005 she got DUIs and was also arrested for driving without a licence. In 2006, her weight dropped dramatically which sparked rumours galore.

THEN: Oh, Hugh, what were you thinking? In 1995, while dating Elizabeth Hurley, he was caught with prostitute Divine Brown off Sunset Boulevard and was arrested.

THEN: 2006 and 2007 were low points for Spears. She drove with her baby on her lap, which people didn't exactly take well. After spending one day in rehab, Spears took a razor to her head, and her comeback performance at the 2007 VMAs was a well-documented mess.

NOW: Vanessa Hudgens is as busy as ever, with four new films on the way.

THEN: In 2007, racy and nude photos of real-life Disney princess Hudgens hit the web and outraged parents.

THEN: In 1991, Reubens was busted for, ahem, indecent exposure while taking in an adult film at a movie theatre.

Leonardo DiCaprio usually steers clear of drama and scandals

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