Eddie Murphy Blows Off Own Movie Premiere*

For the past few weeks, Eddie Murphy has been everywhere promoting his new film, Meet Dave. Or, rather, a giant sculpture of his head has been everywhere.

But as anyone who’s seen that or any of the ads (“Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy”), the movie is all about him. At least it was until last night when he failed to show up for the film’s LA premiere, leaving a bunch of B-list actors to promote what looks like a stinker of a flick. An angry insider vented on the DataLounge message boards:

THIS is why Eddie Murphy lost the Oscar.
And why he’s so hated in Hollywood.

It’s 4:45pm, his “Meet Dave” premiere – which he is the one and only star – is an hour and a half away. And he JUST CANCELLED.

Yep, all that time, money, work by everyone and dickhead Eddie just informed us he decided he’s not going to show up. To his own premiere. To promote his own movie.

This is why he lost for Dreamgirls. This is why Hollywood loves to see him fail. Cause even by Hollywood standards, he’s an arsehole among arseholes.

Yes, I am unfortunately working on this mess so I’m in the know.

Meanwhile, the film’s producer, David T. Friendly told People, “He’s not here because he’s doing a movie and shooting – he goes back-to-back-to-back. Eddie, he’ll never admit it, but he loves to work. And I think work keeps him happy.”

Bad news for Fox, Meet Dave is its second tentpole of the summer, after the disastrous The Happening. Better hope that X-Files sequel is a hit.

UPDATE: According to Nikki Finke, Fox execs are seriously miffed about Murphy’s no-show:

I’m told Fox is really pissed that Eddie Murphy didn’t show up for his own Meet Dave premiere last night. People around Eddie told the studio that he ran late shooting a film for DreamWorks’ A Thousand Words — whereas Brian Robbins, the director of both movies, did make the premiere, too. [Oooh, burn!] (There are pictures to prove it!) But here’s what galls: I’ve learned that the only reason Fox did the premiere at all was because Murphy insisted on one! Sources from Eddie’s camp say that’s “ridiculous”. Oops, I don’t think this marriage (dating back to Dr. Dolittle 1 and 2) can be saved.

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