Seattle’s new running back Eddie Lacy reportedly went on a free-agency tour 30 pounds heavier than his playing weight

Eddie Lacy

The Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday signed former Alabama and Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy to a one-year, $US5.5 million contract that includes $US3 million guaranteed. 

Shortly after news of the signing broke, a report surfaced that Lacy — who has struggled with weight issues throughout his career — met with three teams during the offseason, weighing roughly 30 pounds heavier than he did last season.

Outside of his rookie season, Lacy’s time in Green Bay was defined by his weight problems. ESPN at one point made fun of him on air for it, though it quickly became less of a laughing matter as he lost his starting job and was then instructed by the team to lose weight or else he would be cut. 

Last summer, Lacy worked with the founder of P90X with the hopes of slimming down, though his production on the field was yet again inconsistent. 

Now, one season later and with a new team, Lacy has what is likely his last chance in the NFL. Judging by his current weight, however, Lacy will need to put in a lot of gym time this offseason just to be in playing shape come Week 1. 

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