This Story About British Police Withholding Evidence That Could Have Freed An Innocent Man Is Unbelievable

London police

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The Times of London has produced a fantastic story that reveals how British police failed to disclose evidence that could have freed an innocent man.Instead, they let a man very likely to be completely innocent languish for 18 years behind bars.

Eddie Gilfoyle had been jailed for life in 1993 after being convicted of murdering his eight-month pregnant wife. Gilfoyle was accused of murdering his wife then faking a hanging. A suicide note found at the crime scene was said to be disingenuous since Gilfoyle’s wife was thought to be of a cheerful disposition.

However, the Times reports that police discovered and then withheld a locked box containing Mrs Gilfoyle’s diary from defence attorneys during the trial. The diary contained details of Mrs Gilfoyle’s depression and a troubled background, as well as previous suicide attempts.

Incredibly, it had been held by police since at least 1994, even though Mr Gilfoyle lost appeals against his conviction between 1995 and 2000. In a statement, Mr Gilfoyle said he was “completely devastated” by the discovery and subsequent failure to disclose the files.

GIlfoyle was released in 2010, his lawyers are still trying to get the conviction overturned.

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