Ed Sheeran has now smashed several major Australian pop records

Take note Bieber, this is how you win over Australian fans and get 18 tracks in the top 100. Photo: Getty Images.

Ed Sheeran is bigger than The Beatles.

Adele made have rocked 180,000 fans at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium last weekend, while Justin Beiber, also on tour in Australia, was busy telling a fan she makes him sick , but the 26-year-old bearded English redhead is currently dominating the Australia singles charts, smashing multiple records along the way.

His single ‘Shape Of You’ at No. 1 for ninth week, while his third album, ‘÷’ debuted at No. 1 in the ARIA charts last week.

How much Sheehan dominates the Australian charts at the moment is apparent when you look at ARIA’s top 5 singles and albums for last week. Not not only does he have three of the top 5 singles, he splits the top five albums with Adele, with his entire career output, dating back to 2011, at 1, 3, and 5.

Here are the top 5 singles:

1. Ed Sheeran ‘Shape Of You’

2. Ed Sheeran ‘Castle On The Hill’

3. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay ‘Something Just Like This’

4. Lorde ‘Green Light’ (Debut)

5. Ed Sheeran ‘Dive’

Meanwhile, ‘+’ previously topped the album chart in August 2012 and ‘x’ in June 2014. Sheehan’s first album was very much a sleeper, taking 46 weeks to get to the top after its debut in October, 2011, the eighth slowest climb on record. But to bounce pack to the top of the charts with an old album like this, an artist normally has to have left to sing with the choir eternal.

Here are the top 5 albums:

1. Ed Sheeran ‘÷’ (Debut)

2. Adele ‘25’

3. Ed Sheeran ‘X’

4. Ed Sheeran ‘+’

5. Adele ‘21’

But Sheeran’s most astonishing achievement is on the top 40 and top 100 singles charts. His music takes up an astonishing 40% of the top 40, with 16 songs, the most ever by a single artist. All up, he has 18 in the top 100. The previous record for a living artist was 14, held by The Beatles with 13 entries in the top 100 in April and June 1964.

Michael Jackson had 14 in the top 40 and 32 in the top 100 in July 2009, but that was a week after he left for the great recording studio in the sky.

In January, Sheehan became the first artist to have singles debut at the top two simultaneously, with ‘Shape of You’ at No. 1. and ‘Castle on the Hill’ at No. 2.

‘Shape of You’ needs to survive another six weeks at the top to beat Abba’s 16-week record with Fernando in 1976, although it appears his songs don’t always have a long shelf life. His most successful track ‘Thinking of you, ranks 17 on the best-selling singles with more than 630,000 copies, well behind the No. 1 bestseller ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO with 1,050,000 copies.

And while he still has a long way to go before had can beat The Beatles record of 130 weeks with a song at No. 1 in the Australian charts (Elvis Presley is a distant second at 61 weeks), unless Sir Paul McCartney can get a last minute invite for a cameo on Game of Thrones from an actor who’s an old Beatles fan, Sheeran will have bragging rights on that front after he was invited to star in the seventh and final season as a surprise for one of his fans, Arya Stark, aka Maisie Williams.

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