The NFL Un-Suspends Ed Reed One Day After Disciplining Him For Dirty Hits

Ed Reed not 100 per cent committed to football

Photo: AP Images

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed will not be suspended for multiple hits to the head and neck, the NFL just announced.Instead he’ll be fined $50,000.

The judge who overruled the league’s decision to suspend Reed for one game yesterday had this to say in a press release:

“I have determined that your actions were egregious and warrant significant discipline. However, I do not believe that your actions were so egregious as to subject you to a one-game suspension without pay. Player safety is the league’s primary concern in the formation of playing rules and all players are expected to adhere to those rules or face disciplinary action. I hope in the future you will focus on ensuring that your play conforms to the rules.”

Reed was originally penalised so harshly because he is a repeat offender.

The play in question happened in the third quarter of the Ravens-Steelers game Sunday night, when Reed launched himself at Emmanuel Sanders.

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