A top NFL prospect and his coach got into a bizarre sideline confrontation over a coat

  • Ed Oliver and Major Applewhite had to be separated during a game Thursday night, apparently after the coach told his injured player he was not allowed to wear a heavy coat.
  • The coats were reserved for players who were participating in the game.
  • Oliver, one of the top prospects in the 2019 NFL draft, was sitting out his fourth straight game with a knee injury.

The star defensive lineman Ed Oliver and his head coach, Major Applewhite, got into a confrontation over a coat during the University of Houston’s Thursday-night matchup against Tulane.

The incident came late in the first half when Applewhite walked over to Oliver, who was not dressed to play because of a knee injury, and told him he was not allowed to wear one of the team-issued, heavy black coats that were reserved for those playing in the game. Applewhite was seen pulling the coat off of Oliver.

Things escalated as the teams retreated to the locker rooms at the end of the first half. An upset Oliver confronted Applewhite and had to be held back as the team left the field.

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According to ESPN’s Laura Rutledge, the temperature was in the 40s at the time. Oliver, who is ranked as the seventh-best prospect in the 2019 NFL draft by ESPN’s Mel Kiper, was sitting out his fourth straight game with a knee injury.

The CBS Sports announcers speculated that the division was deeper than a coat and suggested that Oliver could have played but was trying to avoid further injury ahead of the draft.

Applewhite told Rutledge the confrontation was over the coat. Oliver did not return to the field in the second half.