This $53 million Malibu listing has a 'barbecue tower' and a very curious-looking bathtub

41800 Pacific Coast Highway 16 940x600The AgencyNote the red ‘barbecue tower’ in the corner.

A shapely, feng shui marvel with a “barbecue tower” has hit the market for a whopping $US53 million in Malibu, California.

The beachfront listing’s asking price far exceeds those of nearby Pacific Coast Highway properties, which average between $US15 and $US25 million, according to

The five-bedroom house was custom designed by modernist architect Ed Niles in collaboration with the homeowner, Dr. Wei-Tzuoh Chen, who spent $US15 million to build the feng shui home of his dreams. Ari Afshar of The Agency and Aitan Segal of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties hold the listing.

Keep scrolling for an inside-out tour of this highly unique Malibu home.

Built in 2006, the home took six years to construct.

About that barbecue tower: it's the red red-framed, glass structure you see to the right. Dr. Chen built it as a casual dining area where he and his family could barbecue and enjoy the ocean view without feeling the gusty winds or being too exposed to the elements.

Twenty-nine-foot ceilings, glass window walls, and steal beams all contribute to this architectural masterpiece.

Architect Ed Niles told The Wall Street Journal that the design is 'a village of forms,' and 'each form has a different shape depending on its function.'

The pyramid structure that sits in the center of the home houses a family room and kitchen that leads to an outdoor terrace.

Next to the pyramid is a stack of cubes which encompasses four bedrooms connected by glass bridges to ensure privacy -- an important aspect of Chinese culture.

Tucked inside an oval-shaped tower, the living room and master bedroom feature incredible Pacific Ocean views.

The home has seven bathrooms, one of which includes a tub that looks like an oversize ice bucket.

The home was built in part as a showcase for for Dr. Chen's Asian art and antique collection. But he also has an 80,000-piece classical music album collection which he stores in the home's soundproof music room.

The splashes of red throughout the home symbolise good fortune.

In addition to the welcoming main residence, there's also a separate guest house with its own bedroom and full bath.

Mild year-round temperatures mean you can take full advantage of the fire pit and oceanfront property no matter the season.

Complying with Chinese tradition, Chen said the home is 'unassuming on the outside' (read: near-impossible to view from the street), making this property its own private oasis.

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