Is This Man Too Ugly To Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister?

Ed Miliband

[credit provider=”Getty / Dan Kitwood”]

Earlier on the BBC’s Today program, host John Humphrys, a British radio veteran, inferred that UK opposition leader Ed Miliband was “too ugly” to be British Prime Minister.Referring to the former foreign secretary Robin Cook, who once said he was “too ugly” to be Prime Minister (check for yourself here), Humphrys asked Miliband if he too was “handicapped” by “the way you appear”.

It’s a sad fact that Miliband’s looks do seem to be a sticking point for describing him in his bid for the UK’s top spot. Perhaps it’s because of the contrast with his relatively handsome brother (and rival) David Miliband (the Telegraph notes that during their battle for the leadership of the Labour Party, Ed became known to some as “Forest Gump”).

But is he really so ugly anyway?

One female BI staff member described him as “endearing” and “much better than that guy” (referring to Robin Cook).

And, as Guardian’s Jonathan Jones notes, in British politics at least, looks are not too important. Remember, the 20th century’s most lauded Prime Minister is Winston Churchill.

But it does seem that Ed has some kind of problem. A relatively minor slip on Twitter, a ridiculous soundbite, and an unfortunate image of him on Google Street View turning him into an international symbol of buffoonery. The BBC seem to have a problem even remembering who he is.