British Opposition Leader Refuses To Answer Question About His Net Worth In Most Awkward Way Possible

Ed Miliband, the leader of the UK’s opposition party, has faced a string of gaffes the past couple of years — repeating the same comment like a robot, being photographed with his head in his hands on Google Street View, making an unfortunate typo on Twitter, being called too ugly to be prime minister.

However, his speech at the recent Labour Party Conference was confident and assured, and we wondered if Miliband was over this rough patch. However, this new video (from yesterday’s BBC Breakfast via Guido Fawkes) suggests that he may not be in safe waters yet.


Miliband is able to say that he will not be affected by a new tax cut from British Prime Minister David Cameron, which means he has an income of less than £1 million ($1.6 million) a year.

However, he stammers when asked what his net-worth is, and pretends not to understand the question.

Fawkes has branded Miliband, a member of the centre-left Labour party, “Millionaire Miliband” and a “Mili-ionaire”, while the Daily Mail writes:

“The morning after his widely-praised conference speech, Mr Miliband was forced to defend claims the Prime Minister would personally benefit from a ‘tax cut for millionaires’ but refused to discuss his own levels of personal wealth.”

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