Ed Miliband may have lost the 2015 election but he is killing it on Twitter

Ed MilibandRob CregoMiliband does not appreciate having his photo taken on the Tube.

LONDON — On May 6, 2015, the opinion polls said Labour leader Ed Miliband would become prime minister, succeeding the increasingly unpopular Conservative leader David Cameron. But in the election the next day, the UK’s quirky first-past-the-post system had other ideas. Despite adding 700,000 votes to Labour’s total, Miliband lost 26 seats and handed Cameron (and later Theresa May) a technical majority of 12 seats.

At the time, Miliband was criticised for being slightly weird and not “normal” enough to appeal to ordinary voters.

Since losing the election, however, a more relaxed Miliband has emerged on Twitter.

And he’s absolutely hilarious.

On Friday night, he appeared on Channel 4’s The Last Leg and slayed the audience with a crack about the almost certainly mythical story that Cameron had sex with a pig’s head when he was a student at university. Shown footage of Cameron awkwardly eating a hot dog with a knife and fork, Miliband said “I think he’s saying: ‘Tastes better than it feels.'”

But Miliband performs best on Twitter, as these occasionally devastating tweets show.

Everyone enjoys an anti-Piers Morgan tweet:

Self-deprecating …

He got the attention of James Blunt:

On the day George Osborne became editor of the Evening Standard:

He is particularly good on American politics.

We wouldn’t have seen this if he was prime minister.

He nailed Philip Hammond when the chancellor proposed raising National Insurance contributions for the self-employed.

And then nailed the government again when Hammond did a U-turn and cancelled the idea.

You can follow him here.

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