Ed Miliband keeps being filmed walking around London and it's hilarious

There’s been a recent spate of teenagers filming Ed Miliband as he walks around residential areas of London and the footage is making lots of people happy.

The former Labour leader’s hopes of being Prime Minister may be long gone but his youthful fan base doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. 

“This is my guy, man”

Gideon uploaded his encounter with the MP for Doncaster North over the weekend to the delight of thousands. 

Speaking to Business Insider on Monday, Gideon said:

I was on my way to a lesson at school. I saw Ed earlier then a few minutes later he came up behind me and my friends. I study politics so I was very happy to meet him and have a brief talk with him. 

He added: “I put it [the clip] on Twitter on Saturday night and then It just blew up – it was crazy.”

“What you saying, Ed? / “I’m saying hi”

Rachel bumped into Ed outside a North London sixth form college last week and the clip has since been retweeted nearly 9,000 times.

Rachel told Buzzfeed

I think he was really portrayed badly by the news but I like the fact he still manages to be a really humble and nice person despite it. How many politicians do you know would be OK being surrounded by a group of excited sixth-formers? Imagine David Cameron in that situation. Actually, let’s not.

She added that the MP was “really lovely” and took interest in what subjects they study and if they enjoyed them. 

In the run-up to the 2015 general election, Miliband’s popularity with younger voters manifested in the form of an online movement known as “Milifandom” — started by student and Labour activist Abby Tomlinson

Speaking to The Guardian last year, Abby said: “It annoyed us that the media presentation of him was a deliberate distortion. And it was just a way of making politics more fun.”

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