The Sex Abuse Scandal Engulfing The BBC Has Cost Them Their Biggest Allies

Jimmy Saville UK

Photo: Getty Images / Matthew Lewis

We wrote last week about how the sex abuse scandal involving the formerly loved TV star Jimmy Savile was engulfing the BBC.Things may have just got worse for the BBC as even their traditional allies turn on them.

Speaking to ITV1’s The Agenda, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband specifically criticised the BBC’s plans for their own internal investigation:

“To do right by the victims, I don’t think the BBC can lead their own inquiry… I think we need a broader look at these public institutions – the BBC, I’m afraid some parts of the NHS, potentially, Broadmoor.

I’m open-minded about how it’s done but it’s got to be independent…I’m a great supporter of the BBC but I don’t think you can have the BBC board sort of leading its own inquiry.”

Miliband’s comments are especially notable as his party, the current opposition party and centre-left, has long been accused of a bias towards the BBC. Just last year Peter Osborne of the Telegraph said that the corporation had become a “vital resource – and sometimes attack weapon – for a narrow, arrogant Left-Liberal elite”.

However, the accusations of sexual abuse by long time TV host Savile, and rumours of a subsequent cover up from the BBC management and other government offices may be strong enough to break any allegiances.

The UK government has so far rejected calls for an independent inquiry.

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