Ed McMahon's New Strategy For Paying Off Debts: Sue People

A month after Ed McMahon began facing foreclosure on his Beverly Hills house, it seems he’s finally come up with a strategy for paying off his loans.

McMahon hasn’t been able to work in over a year because of a broken neck he suffered after falling down the stairs at the home of investor Robert Day. So now he’s suing Day and the hospital that failed to fix his injury.

We hope Ed McMahon doesn’t lose his house, but isn’t there a better way?

Reuters: Ed McMahon, the long-time sidekick to talk show host Johnny Carson, sued a Los Angeles hospital on Friday, claiming its doctors failed to diagnose his broken neck after a fall and discharged him without taking an X-ray.

McMahon, 85, also accused Cedars-Sinai Medical centre of botching two subsequent spine operations, and the entertainer claims to have suffered months of discomfort and pain…

McMahon’s lawsuit states that when he visited Cedars-Sinai after a March 2007 fall at the home of investor Robert Day he told a doctor he felt like a “bobble-head” doll because of his spine, but they still failed to perform an X-ray and as a result discharged him with a broken neck.

The lawsuit also named Day, accusing him of negligence over the condition of a ramp-like staircase at his property on which McMahon fell.

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