Ed McMahon Now Being Sued By Merv Griffin's Company

Poor Ed McMahon. His house is still facing foreclosure, and it seems every few weeks he’s sued by someone. Here’s hoping he was paid handsomely for those freecreditreport.com ads.

This week, it’s Merv Griffin’s eponymous company that’s claiming it loaned McMahon $100,000 in 2005, and he has yet to pay the company back.

AP via USA Today: Court documents show a company founded by Merv Griffin is suing Ed McMahon for a $100,000 loan it claims has gone unpaid. The Griffin Group Inc. claims it loaned the money to McMahon, Johnny Carson’s sidekick on the Tonight show, in 2005. The company filed the suit on Thursday and states that none of the loan has been repaid.

McMahon’s publicist didn’t directly address the lawsuit, instead asking, “Anybody wanna buy a nice house in The Summit?”

The quote is an allusion to McMahon’s hilltop home, which is facing foreclosure. The former pitchman also faces numerous other lawsuits filed on behalf of creditors.

We have to second McMahon’s publicist’s statement. Trump, can’t you buy Ed McMahon’s house and bail him out of his debts?

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