Ed McMahon Financial Woes Grow: Creditor Sues For $275,000

Sadly, it seems that our previous report about the Entourage writer who could save Ed McMahon’s house from foreclosure was premature, and he may not be buying the house after all. Meanwhile, more bad news for the former Tonight Show sidekick: another creditor sues:

AP: Ed McMahon is being sued by another creditor. Westmoore Lending of Huntington Beach, Calif., sued McMahon for more than $275,000 it says the pitchman and former “Tonight Show” sidekick owes from a 2006 loan.

A growing number of creditors say McMahon and his wife Pamela owe them money. The other actions have targeted debts incurred for the couple’s Beverly Hills home, prescription drugs, credit card debt and attorneys’ fees for his daughter’s divorce.

The lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court does not specify what the McMahons borrowed the money for, but claims they defaulted on the loan in early 2007.

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