Ecuador Is Reportedly Planning To Give Julian Assange Asylum, But President Denies Decision Has Been Made

julian assange mastercard

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Ecuador is planning to give WikiLeaks mastermind Julian Assange asylum, according to reports in the Guardian.The British newspaper cites an “official in the Ecuadorean capital Quito, who is familiar with the government discussions.”

Assange has been hiding out in the country’s London embassy since mid-June, after he lost a series of appeals in the UK court system and was told he would be extradited to Sweden to face charges for sex crimes. His supporters believe once in Sweden he will be extradited to the US, and potentially face the death penalty.

Technically, if Assange steps out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London he will be arrested for breaking his bail.The Guardian says it remains unclear if an offer of asylum “will allow him to leave Britain and fly to Ecuador, or amounts to little more than a symbolic gesture”.

UDPATE: BNO reports that Ecuador President Rafael Correa is denying the story, saying no decision has been made.

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