New York Ecstasy Dealer Says He Earns $4 Million A Year

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Photo: Courtesy of AirPano

Big time drug dealers risk life in prison and the inability to look themselves in the mirror, but they can get rich too.NYPost’s Madeleine Scinto talks with a runner and a distributor working around New York University for some intel on the ecstasy trade. Here’s how it breaks down, according to the Post:

It starts with the makers in Vancouver, who sell ecstasy powder for $5,000 a pound.

The drugs are carried accross the Canadian border by the connect, Nick, who sells it in America for up to $15,000 a pound, locking in a monthly profit of up to $200,000.

Next drugs are bought by the middle man, Chad, who runs distribution in the tri-state area. He sells powder for $1,400 an ounce, for a monthly profit of up to $350,000—annual profit of more than $4 million.

“I’m making a killing,” Chad tells Scinto.

Finally the drugs go to runners like a young woman named Ragan, who sells for up to $100 a gram. She earns up to $41,000 in a month.

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