Economy Down, Crime Up? Not Here!

empire state building new york

They say when the economy tanks, crime explodes.

Not in New York — at least according to the New York Police Department.  As of Sunday, there have been 461 murders in New York last year, as compared to 516 in 2008.

Reuters: Nationwide, statistics suggest the United States will have seen a drop in violent crime for a third year in a row. Last week, the FBI reported violent crime, including murder and robbery, dropped 4.4 per cent in the first half of 2009.

The FBI also said New York was the safest U.S. big city in 2009.

Read the full article here.

Did you hear that everyone? New York: totally safe!

Many of us who live hear would agree with that, though the tourists who witnessed this shooting in Times Square a few weeks ago might disagree.

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