These are Europe's 22 best cities to live in

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released its rankings on the liveability of global cities for 2015.

The index brings together five different elements to decide how liveable each place is. Here’s how they’re weighted:

  • Stability: 25% — this includes things like the threat of crime and terrorism.
  • Healthcare: 20% — the availability of both public and private care is considered.
  • Culture and environment: 20% — factors as divergent as climate, corruption and sports are considered in this category.
  • Education: 10% — again, public and private indicators are considered.
  • Infrastructure: 25% — housing, roads, energy and other basic utilities are considered here.

22 cities in Europe are found in the top 50 globally, and there’s been quite a bit of movement for several cities since the index was last published in 2014. Take a look at the rankings now.

22. Manchester -- London loses out on a place in the top 50 but northern England's natural capital rises from 51st to 46th in the global rankings.

Mark Andrew, Wikipedia

21. Budapest -- Hungary's capital is the only place in eastern Europe listed in the top 50 globally, rising to 45th place this year from 50th last year.

Dalene And Peter Heck/Hecktic Media

19. Milan -- this northern Italian city is the highest-ranking in the country, rising to 42nd place from 48th last year.

Greta Gabaglio /

19. Madrid -- the Spanish capital makes it onto the list, and has climbed six places from 44th to 38th during the last year.

Lauren Aloise/Life Part 2

18. Dusseldorf -- Germany's first entry of six in the top 50 globally, Dusseldorf has dropped one place, falling to 33rd in the last year.

Ingo Valentin, Wikipedia

17. Barcelona -- The city is Spain's top entry, according to the EIU. It's ranked 31st globally this year, up from 33rd in 2014.


12. Amsterdam -- The Dutch city holds its position in the global ranks, at 26.


7. Berlin -- The German capital comes 20th globally, up one from 21st in 2014.

Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

2. Helsinki -- The Finnish capital slips two places globally this year, falling from 8th in 2014 to 10th now.

1. Vienna -- the Austrian capital comes 2nd globally, unchanged from last year, and top in Europe. It's the second-largest German-speaking city in the world after Berlin.

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