Here's The Economist Cover That Has Scotland's Government Fuming

The latest print edition of The Economist features a map of Scotland on the cover that has infuriated the ruling Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and First Minister Alex Salmond, the Press Association reports.

The map of Scotland labels the country ‘Skintland’, and has renamed districts as ‘Glasgone’ (Glasgow), ‘Edinborrow’ (Edinburgh), the ‘Highinterestlands’ (the Highlands), and the ‘Shutland Islands’ (the Shetland Islands), to name a few. The accompanying article says independence from the UK could make Scotland “one of Europe’s vulnerable, marginal economies”.

Salmond and other SNP politicians have lashed out, with Salmond saying the magazine would “rue the day” it published the cover, according to The Scotsman. But Scottish Conservative MP David McLetchie said the government should answer the questions the article posed rather than “manufacturing outrage aimed at anyone who dares to question their perspective that a separate Scotland would be a land of milk and honey…”

Here’s the cover:

Photo: The Economist via The Telegraph

You can read the accompanying article here >

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