The Record-Breaking Verizon Bond Deal Is Bigger Than These 7 Economies

MarketWatch bond reporter Ben Eisen points out that the Verizon bond deal — the largest corporate bond offering ever, at $US49 billion — is bigger than the entire economy of Luxembourg (which sports a GDP of $US42 billion, according to the IMF).

To put the offering further into perspective, here are a few other economies smaller than the size of the Verizon deal, which prices today:

  • Honduras (GDP $US38 billion)
  • Latvia (GDP $US37 billion)
  • Afghanistan (GDP $US31.8 billion)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (GDP $US27.5 billion)
  • Jamaica (GDP $US25.2 billion)
  • Cyprus (GDP $US23.6 billion)

Read more about the deal at MarketWatch »

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