GET PSYCHED: A Big Batch Of Data Is About To Come Out

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If it were snowing, we’d say a blizzard of data is coming out.Alas…

Here’s what’s coming up. Numbers from Soleil Securities

*        08:30 US PPI (Jan); consensus +0.8%
*       08:30 US PPI ex Food & Energy (Jan); consensus +0.2%
*       08:30 US Housing Starts (Jan); consensus 539K
*       08:30 US Building Permits (Jan); consensus 562K
*       09:15 US Industrial Production (Jan); consensus +0.5%
*       09:15 US Capacity Utilization (Jan); consensus 76.3%
*       10:30 US DOE Crude Inventories (11-Feb); consensus n/a
*       14:00 US FOMC Minutes (26-Jan); actual —; consensus —

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