Economic Bright Spot: Things Looking Up For Ed McMahon

Believe it or not, Ed McMahon still hasn’t sold his house. That mysterious buyer that surfaced after Trump showed interest wasn’t able to close the deal. Trump has reportedly offered to buy the place again, but we don’t know what the current status of that is.

But it seems that Ed might be able to pay the mortgage himself. A judge sided with the octagenarian in his suit against the hospital and doctors who allegedly failed to properly diagnose and fix his broken neck.

AP: A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled last week that McMahon’s lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai Medical centre and two physicians lays out adequate legal ground to pursue claims that include negligence, elder abuse, battery, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress… [The judge’s] ruling also allows McMahon to seek punitive damages.

Plus, TMZ caught him at work (finally!) on some project, as shown in the photo above. There’s hope yet that Ed won’t be homeless.

Photo from TMZ

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