Economic anxiety has dropped since Trump was elected

People are feeling less anxious about the US economy since President Donald Trump won the election, according to a new Marketplace-Edison Research poll.

Marketplace-Edison started its Economic Anxiety Index in October 2015, and for the first time since, Americans as a whole seem to be feeling less anxious about the economy.

There’s one demographic, however, that’s feeling more nervous about the economy — 18- to 24-year-olds.

The Marketplace-Edison survey, conducted in April, found that Americans are less worried about losing their jobs, their ability to pay their mortgage or rent, and saving for retirement than they were six months ago, according to a news release.

But despite the correlation between Trump winning the election and the decline of anxiety about the US economy, only 43% of Americans said they approved of how Trump was handling the economy.

Trump’s approval rating overall has been historically low.

A Washington Post/ABC poll released Sunday showed Trump with the lowest approval rating at this point of any president since the polling began in 1945 — 42% of respondents told pollsters they approved of his performance thus far, while 53% disapproved.

And an NBC poll released the same day showed similar results: Just 40% said they approved of Trump’s job performance, a 4 percentage-point drop from February. Fifty-four per cent disapproved, a 6 point increase.

Marketplace-Edison interviewed 1,044 people via phone and online for its survey.

Maxwell Tani contributed to this report.

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