Inside the packed charity gala young Wall Street hit up over the weekend

Bank of America VP Noah Cooper and his close friend, Rob Sanzillo, an attorney at at Herrick Feinsten in New York, founded a charity that’s close to their hearts. Literally.

And on Saturday, they held a packed fundraiser for that charity — Hearts of ECMO, which they created to promote the emergency medical treatment that saved both Cooper’s and Sanzillo’s father’s lives.

(You can learn more about the treatment here — and about Sanzillo’s and Cooper’s stories.)

Business Insider was at the event, and it was packed with good music, tall drinks, and some 300 people from across Wall Street, medicine, and the financial media.

Welcome to the ECMO fundraiser.

It took place at 404 NYC -- a Midtown West, Manhattan, venue.

Noah Cooper (L) and Rob Sanzillo (R) co-founded Hearts of ECMO.

Kristine Concalves, Chris Sabbatino, Michael Newman, Nicole Sabbatino, Joseph Zoccali, Marisa Bishop, and Anthony Patierno are old friends of Sanzillo's.

Joe Borrelli (GCA Savvian), here with Sam DaSilva (BlackRock), Jared Isaacson (CBRE), and Will McCandless (KBW), helped plan the event and was excited to see such a good turnout.

Vanessa Yurkevich (CNN Money), Kaitlin Giannetti, and Michelle Heffernan (Bloomberg Tradebook) rocked some colourful spring outfits.

Ori Goldman, here with Alex Stone and Sylvia Stone, told us about his real estate tech startup, Loftey.

There was, of course, some silent auction swag.

Lizzie Asher and Jay Shiland, seen here with Daniel Ezra and Elizabeth Maringer, are ECMO survivors.

Cooper's father, Mark; sister, Michelle; and mother, Lynne, all spent the better part of a month in the hospital with him when he was undergoing ECMO treatment.

Here's Morgan Krupetsky (Citi), Caryn Leventhal (Citi), Josh Freiberger (Bank of America Merrill Lynch), David Sklar (Bank of America Merrill Lynch), and Elizabeth Nell (Citi).

Elizabeth Keane (Fitch Ratings), Meghan Waters (Bloomberg LP), Carly Lintvedt (Meridian Funds), Mara Durkin, and Alyssa Calderone were hanging out near the dance floor.

Then, Cooper got up to make a moving speech.

Coopers's parents were glowing.

The audience of about 300 gathered round to listen to Cooper and Sanzillo speak. Sanzillo told the crowd they'd raised more than $100,000 -- well and above their $25,000 goal for the year.

Dr. Dan Brodie, who treated Cooper at Columbia Presbyterian, talked about his organisation, the International ECMO Network.

Meghan DeSimone and Weiwei Zhang, healthcare professionals who work with ECMO, were some of the only people there who knew what ECMO was before hearing Cooper's story. (Guess which media app they were showing off.)

Here's Cooper with Carly Melniker.

Mike Roberts, seen here with Michael Harwood, Alexandra Martin, and Andrew Ward, played college baseball with Cooper at Columbia.

Annette Kuzmiak (JonesWorks) posed with Rachel Rogers and Bob Moore.

Then, the dancing started to pick up...

...And it was time to put the camera away.

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