Here comes Draghi...

Mario DraghiREUTERS/Francois LenoirEuropean Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi arrives to testify before the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in Brussels, Belgium, June 15, 2015.

The European Central Bank’s latest decision on interest rates is out — as expect, there’s no change on that front.

ECB President Mario Draghi steps up to talk to the press at 1:30 p.m. UK time (8:30 New York time).

You can watch the whole thing here.

We’re likely to get the same comments that Draghi has made before, particularly about the ECB’s quantitative easing programme. Draghi has repeatedly stressed that it will last until at least late 2016.

Markets are also watching closely for any mention of Greece — the European Central Bank’s support is propping up the Greek financial system, and investors will be listening for any suggestion that it will increase or hold its current level of funding to the country’s banks.

We’ll have more on this as Draghi speaks.

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