EBOLA IN NEW YORK: Doctor Who Treated Patients In Africa Being Evaluated In NYC Hospital

A doctor who traveled to West Africa recently is being evaluated at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital, NBC News is reporting.

The doctor, Craig Spencer, is suffering from Ebola-like symptoms including a 103-degree fever and nausea, The New York Post reports. Spencer was treating Ebola patients in Guinea, sources told the Post.

Spencer, 33, had quarantined himself inside his Harlem apartment after his fever spiked, The New York Daily News reported. Just before noon on Thursday, EMS visited Spencer’s 147th Street Apartment and rushed the doctor to the hospital. He was reportedly wearing an exposure suit.

Here’s a statement from the city of New York:

Today, EMS HAZ TAC Units transferred to Bellevue Hospital a patient who presented a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The patient is a health care worker who returned to the U.S. within the past 21 days from one of the three countries currently facing the outbreak of this virus.

The patient was transported by a specially trained HAZ TAC unit wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

After consulting with the hospital and the CDC, DOHMH has decided to conduct a test for the Ebola virus because of this patient’s recent travel history, pattern of symptoms, and past work. DOHMH and HHC are also evaluating the patient for other causes of illness, as these symptoms can also be consistent with salmonella, malaria, or the stomach flu.

Preliminary test results are expected in the next 12 hours.

Bellevue Hospital is designated for the isolation, identification and treatment of potential Ebola patients by the City and State. New York City is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of all New Yorkers.

As a further precaution, beginning today, the Health Department’s team of disease detectives immediately began to actively trace all of the patient’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk. The Health Department staff has established protocols to identify, notify, and, if necessary, quarantine any contacts of Ebola cases.

The Health Department is also working closely with HHC leadership, Bellevue’s clinical team and the New York State Department of Health to ensure that all staff caring for the patient do so while following the utmost safety guidelines and protocols.

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