eBay Disavows "Amazon.cm" Typosquatting Scam (EBAY, AMZN)

eBay (EBAY) says it has nothing to do with the typosquatting scam that redirects traffic from “amazon.cm” (no “o”) to ebay.com.

“We saw this a while back,” an eBay spokeswoman tells SAI in a call. “We noticed there was an afiiliate in our network doing some shady stuff. We kicked him out of the program in November.”

Kudos to eBay for being on its game. That pushes the onus back on Amazon.com (AMZN) to protect its own brand and try to get “amazon.cm” admins in Venezuela to turn off the forwarding.

Or, it appears Amazon might be able to purcahse the “amazon.cm” domain name outright for $799 from Kevin Ham, the notorious typosquatter who’s worked out a deal with the government of Cameroon, which manages “.cm” domains.

Highway robbery. But $800 is peanuts to Amazon, might be worth it.

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